Tips for the perfect bridal makeup

The wedding day, brides must be radiant. Not only should you pay attention to dress, hairstyle and accessories. Makeup is also very important. It should enhance the virtues of every bride.

Makeup is a perfect partner to hide those little flaws that concern us and highlight our strengths. The basic rule for makeup is that a bride should look very natural. Therefore it is very important to do some testing before their wedding day.

Whatever your style (classic, modern, bold ...) it is important to have a makeup that is resistant, it does not go with the passing hours. To get a perfect makeup, it is best placed in the hands of a professional that advice.

What is the key to success of a good makeup? Good products, proper application of these and make facial skin before.

To start with the right foot, before applying the makeup, the face should be relaxed. How can it be achieved? Take a relaxing infusion or cold wipes please in the face to relax the muscles.

Skin should be clean and well hydrated. About 20 minutes before you start applying makeup, wash your face with a special soap, apply toner and lastly moisturizer. Use right products for your skin type.

Once you have absorbed moisturizer, covering his face imperfections. Use a concealer to cover blemishes and dark circles.

The foundation must be matted. Choose a tone as close as possible to your skin tone. After applying foundation, pressed powder used to seat and give a velvety finish to your skin.

The colors you choose for eye shadow, blush and lips, should be combined with each other. Choose your makeup the same range of hues. Incline by cool colors or warm colors, but not mixed. When electing to take into account, in particular, their skin color and hair. They can also combine the tones of makeup with flower color of your bridal bouquet.

The eyes should follow smooth lines. To enlighten, apply white or vanilla shadows under the eyebrows and pearly avoid shadows. Well defined brows and use bridging a good mascara to enhance your look. A look well delineated with dark tones highlight the color of your eyes. To not be afraid to get excited and undo makeup, use waterproof makeup.

Define your lips with a pencil the same shade as the lipstick That will use. If You have very thin lips can make them look thicker outlining the outside contour. To choose the color of your lipstick, take into account the tone of your eye shadow, your skin and hair, although we recommend a color as natural as possible. Avoid excessive glare and use bridging only long lasting lipsticks.

To give the final touch, use a product that sets your makeup to remain intact throughout the day of your wedding.
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