Depression after wedding

Organizing a wedding involves many different sensations: nerves, stress, excitement, joy ... When the wedding is over, left a void that many might call post wedding depression. How can be addressed? We give you some tips.

When the honeymoon ends, it becomes a routine. Some have a few days off to accommodate the pace of everyday life. Others will have to return to work. Life goes on ...

The wedding was held. They do not have at hand the great event that had to be planned and suddenly realize that they have much free time.

Although the organization of the wedding involves a lot of stress, always looking forward put it. The wedding was a motivation that has now disappeared: no longer have to complete any details, or thinking about music, or call the restaurant ...

When a vital project is done, there can be a feeling of emptiness, sadness and anxiety. How can you fight?

The trick is to think positive.

Appreciate the free time you have now. It is an excellent opportunity to spend more time with your partner, your friends and enjoy all that for which previously had no time.

Advantage to recover all those friends who certainly left a little aside for being so involved in organizing the wedding. Organize a dinner, talk about their lives and how no, remember all the good times together that lived on their wedding day.

Organize trips days off, go for a walk, enjoy the outdoors. It's a good way to enjoy with your family and friends.

There may be a tribute and enjoy a romantic weekend with friends. No need for a long trip, or stay in a luxury hotel. They can go to any hotel or a house in the countryside away from the city. Any place is good when it comes to enjoying a couple.

If they come sorrow wedding day, can return to view videos and photos of the ceremony and celebration. Be proud of that great day of celebrating love. He was one of the most important days of your life and be remembered fondly, not grudgingly.

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