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Walking down the aisle is perhaps every girl's dream, as she bathes from the attention and adoration of the people who love and care for her. Many talks have already been made on why two persons who love each other should marry. Hence it is really beyond question on whether to get married or not.

And yet the whole process of the wedding preparation can be taxing and stressful for some women, so they hire wedding planners to handle the worry for them. Some others though prefer to plan their own wedding, and for good reasons. The prominent reason why wedding planners become unnecessary for some couples is to cut expenses. After all, if one knows what to do before, during and after the wedding, a hired planner really becomes an excess baggage.

Without a wedding planner, the sense of fulfillment in being able to attain the wedding objectives becomes sweeter because of the hands-on labor. It is always sweet to enjoy one's own harvest. Lastly, planning your own wedding is also a good opportunity to tap the help of loved ones and friends. In this way, bonding and support will be evidence in their enthusiastic participation.

The planning stage 1: Pre-nuptial

Preparing for the wedding ceremony is perhaps the longest time to prepare. Ideally, the minimum of one year before THE date is the best time to get started. Aside from the many considerations, one of the most awaited details of the event is the theme. Artistic and adventurous couples could try their hand on the plus size costume, where everything will surely fit and where they could gather unforgettable ideas on how the event would turn out based on the theme. Once the bride determines how she would like the event to become, the other items will easily follow.

Planning a wedding also includes hiring party hire equipment in Sydney for the reception. This must be done early to book in-demand caterers. Since the wedding party is just as important as the ceremony, you should only hire reliable caterers with the best catering equipment in Sydney.

There is a good source of bridal gowns where you can be truly creative for her wedding day. When this important aspect is settled, preferences for venue, decoration, invitation designs, flowers, arrangers and make-up artists become easier.

The planning stage 2: Ceremony

During the ceremony proper, this is the time that the couple, or usually the bride, should exercise trust on someone, since she can't be there to monitor this whole affair. Someone she's willing to vouch for will be assigned to attend to the ceremonial flow, the basic needs of the entourage, and even the program during the reception.

This is the best time to exercise division of labor, where family and friends can really work together, hand-in-hand, for the sake of someone they love. There are really loads of unforgettable experiences when one opts to plan their own wedding.
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