How to protect your skin before the wedding

Skin look perfect in both the body and the face is one of the most important things to be beautiful. It does not use the perfect dress, makeup and amazing hairstyle radiant. If your skin look tired and run down

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Target is kept looking skin, moisturize, and free of impurities and a touch of color. Keep in mind that the first completely influenced by the appearance of the skin by sleep, a few days before the wedding to be nervous with so much to do, but it is necessary to take some time each day to relax and enjoy what you are living and comfort. You need to sleep at least eight hours, to avoid the accumulation of fatigue and this is reflected in your face.

Moisturize the skin

Last main thing is to moisturize the skin. This is vital to drink plenty of water, and will help the texture and appearance of the skin improves, and calm the nerves and relax.

Treatments before the wedding

We propose at least a month before you do any treatment to prepare the skin. Depending on the type of the same and the needs of each woman, and there are many techniques. You can go to a beauty center and allow the lawyer, and in this way your skin will be ready to start to take care of it and get on with decorating products (cleaning, toners, moisturizers, masks ...) the best results.
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