Tips for Combining a Wedding Tiara with a Wedding Gown

Whether or not you choose to wear the tiara with a veil, a wedding tiara would still do the job of making you look like a dazzling bride.

However, it is important to remember that not any tiara you can get your hands on can do the trick. In fact, it has always been advised that brides should buy wedding gowns first before this accessory. This is because it is very important that you are able to match and complement your tiara with your gown. Before we go to tips on how to do that, let us first look at the different types of tiara so that it would be easier to understand the different terms used for this headpiece.

Types of Tiaras
Princess headpiece – This is the type of headpiece that you usually see on brides. As the term implies, this tiara looks like the one that is worn on the head of a princess.

Headband – This looks similar to a regular headband in terms of shape, however, it is embellished with different rhinestones that make it sparkly like a princess tiara. It does the purpose of keeping hair away from the bride’s face.

Bun Ring – The bun ring is typically used to hold a bun together.

Backpiece – Backpieces are tiaras worn at the back of the head, usually to accentuate a low bun or a French twist.

Comb – This piece of headwear looks like a comb but has studs of rhinestones all around.

Tips for Matching Wedding Gown with Tiara

Match the embellishments on your gown with that of the tiara.

Whatever type of embellishment you have in your gown, it should be the same for your tiara. In short, go for a crystal tiara if you have a crystal detailed gown. Opt for a pearl tiara if your wedding dress is decorated with pearls. If your wedding gown has floral details, look for a tiara that has a similar design. For wedding gowns that are plain and simple, you can go for tiaras that come in straight geometric shapes.

Opt for one that complements the color and style of your gown
Ivory gowns are best paired with tiaras that are gold or ivory in shade and are embellished with pearls. Silver tiaras with rhinestones or pearls blend well with a white gown. Gold or silver is perfect for diamond white gowns. By diamond white, we mean the white that comes in between white and off-white. Traditional styled gowns go well with antique styled tiaras while stylish dresses are better with modern headpieces.

Strive for balance

Remember that balance is key in achieving the perfect look with the dress and the tiara. Make sure that the look of the headpiece and the gown blend well together and not overshadow each other. Strive for balance to achieve an elegant, classy, and timeless look for your wedding day.

Just like any other piece of bridal accessory, it is a must to pour in extra thought and effort for the wedding tiara. It is also imperative that you take into account the style, color, and embellishments of your wedding gown so you can choose the headpiece that would go perfectly with it.

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