Botanical Beauty

Last weekend I visited the newly renovated Museum of Economic Botany at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.

The building as it looked in the 1880s.

The building as it looks today.

An interior shot showing the many display cases.

The building is nestled in the centre of the beautiful gardens. Commissioned in 1879 it was built as a resource for all new settlers to help them understand the plants that grew in their wonderful new country, Australia, as well as right around the world. I was amazed to see a display cabinet containing of over 100 exquisitely-detailed papier-mâché pears, another with countless apple varieties and yet another with grains. To think we only commercially grow and market but a few of these today is a little sad.

The reason I wanted to share this amazing place with you was for the details in the display. Have a look at the wonderful labels used for each object - the classic typography, the elegant borders, the delicate handwriting.

As a designer, these are details that make my heart sing - details that I store away in the memory banks for use in a design one day. So often here at Wedding Style Guide, we come across brides who find it difficult to determine a style for their wedding. My advice if you too are struggling to find direction is to look around your own environment. If you're not a pioneer-enthusiast like me, consider a favourite colour combination, a treasured flower or a well-worn pattern. Take inspiration from the things around you - the things that make your heart sing and the rest will come naturally.

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