All in the Details

Of all the wedding photographs we receive, my favourite is often one of the dress, hanging in the bride's room, waiting to be worn.

A shot from our Playful Shades story in Issue 8 featuring the Charlize gown from Lisa Gowing. The coat hanger belongs to my mum who worked as a stylist for many years and lent it to us for the shoot.

It must be one of your favourites too as we see this shot in many of the wedding submissions we receive. I can't tell you how often we receive versions of this photograph where the dress is divine, the setting is perfect but the coat hanger is horrid. If you are considering including a shot of this kind in your album, make sure you have a lovely coat hanger ready to display your beautiful dress - hangers of the wire or plastic variety simply won't do.

My choice would be something with character like these from David Met Nicole - vintage printed Edwardian hangers.

It really does make such a difference to the final shot and definitely worth considering.

Posted by Jane Cameron
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