Working with a wedding consultant

Until recently, require the professional services of a wedding organized was considered a luxury or as simply taking the services of a social secretary. However, in recent times, more couples have begun to use this type of help.

One can think of to have the services of a wedding consultant if:

It is impossible to spend at least 12 hours a week to do the work yourself, and twice this time as the wedding approaches

They plan to invite more than one hundred people.
The party will be in a house, a garden, a loft, a museum or other place where there is no professional services event.

The wedding will be held in a place you must travel.

The best time to hire a wedding consultant is early in the process. Many times, however, you can hire the consultant at any time, to deal with specific issues or to direct events in the day of the wedding.

The wedding consultants charge their fees varied forms, including fixed fee, hourly rate or percentage. You can hire the following types of advisers, depending on the amount of assistance required:

Event Organizer: It deals with the whole process. This person is responsible for defining the style of the wedding. It is understood by one provider and will contact at all stages of the process. Although a good event organizer will always consider the style suggested by customers, also expected to give vent to their creative genius. This type of aid is ideal for couples with little time and enough money.

General Coordinator: This type of advisor can recommend vendors, accompany clients to appointments and negotiate contracts. Then schedule and supervise the events of the day of the wedding. Should hire a general coordinator when you want to be in charge of planning but need help during the process.

Counsel for the wedding day: This type of counselor intervene usually a month before the scheduled date for the wedding. At this stage oversee everything related suppliers, will ensure that all the details are in order and take care of the scheduling and execution on the wedding day. This option works well for couples who can take care of many of the issues but want to have the collaboration of a person to oversee the smooth running of the wedding.

Counsel for hours: If an adviser is required only to exchange a few ideas or to address a specific aspect of the wedding, such as searching the orchestra or the reception venue, hire a consultant for hours is a good way to invest only the necessary money.

Recommender: Some professionals recommend deal only with suppliers, such as caterers, florists and photographers. Although not charge for this service, do receive a commission from the provider you have been recommended. Anyway, your help can be quite useful.
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