The story behind engagement rings

Read the story behind engagement rings
All enviable dream engagement ring, but very few know what this ring. In fact, many do not know anything about its history. Soak up a bit on that rock spectacular that you carry in your left hand, learn a little of its history and meaning. It's more interesting than you think, do not miss it!

Although, one of the most important and unforgettable moments of our lives is when we love the man who proposes marriage and gives us the perfect ring. The engagement ring is characterized by great sentimental value as it symbolizes the promise to unite their lives forever.

Today we find countless styles of engagement ring, however, this tradition has its roots in antiquity, where men gave away their love a piece of iron shaped ring and the woman kept until they meet the promise of marriage. The first engagement ring with diamond and as such everything was given by Maximilian of Austria to Mary of Burgundy.

The meaning of the ring

Actually the meaning of the engagement ring is super romantic because it is all about the ring has a symbolism.
It is said that the ring should go specifically in the left angular finger because that finger goes right a vein that goes directly to the heart.
The diamond, characterized as an indestructible stone, symbolizes strength, power and purity of love and commitment of the couple. The word diamond comes from the Greek "adamas" meaning "invincible."

The ring protocol

It is said that the engagement ring should cost three months salary and groom are available because it is considered a sacrifice made by the beloved with whom you want to share the rest of your life and start a family. However, this is not important because the engagement ring should not be seen by the weight or size of the jewel, if not rather by the promise of love that means.
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