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Weddings and Music
Nothing more guarantees the success of a wedding that a good selection of music. Music should be chosen according to many factors ranging from the type of party, time, number of guests, size of the room and even the musical taste of family and guests.

The Reception
Welcome your guests should inspire elegance: the music should be soft and special, to captivate the audience from the start of the party.

When guests arrive at the reception
You can add a background music, classical, Celtic or slow songs of their choice. It has to be soft music that assaults the guests when they arrive and want to chat with each other.

Opening with the waltz
Generally I opened the waltz boyfriends . Also you can open the bride with her ​​father. If you open the couple, after dancing for a moment, go to dance the bride with her ​​father and the groom with his mother. And then the other sponsors and brothers, relatives and close friends. They need not be only the bride and groom on the dance floor, people who want to, dance at the same time.

Start the party
You can start with some known issues of the moment for the young and the other guests were excited to go out dancing.

The greatest hits
Then you can go to the music hits of all time.

The Dinner
Here the music to accompany the food gently, preferably instrumental. The music volume should allow good conversation at the table. It is important to establish a prior meeting which will be the "music and music blocks coordinate with the catering service. 's important that the music is soft and unobtrusive and stop talking to taste. This is a time where you take a break after dance and also where people tend to talk more with people sitting on their desk (especially if they are assigned locations and are known), so then it is important that the music is soft and unobtrusive and comfortable stop talking.
Some groups take a break now and bring recorded music, you can select before, no additional cost for this moment, some DJ's also include soft music or instrumental. But you can also hire a string quartet or a chamber group that can entertain this time (of course, this is an extra cost) and is nice for lunch or dinner. Your guests will share in the dance floor, so the music should be cheerful and varied to suit all tastes

Party on

Then when all the guests are acclimated and seniors sit or van, you can make a quick succession of subjects and when she looks orchestra. According to the response of the track, the need to adapt the types of pop music.

Starting cake
They stop the music for the cake cutting so that all attention is centered at this point and nobody misses it. Factors to consider when "put rhythm" ... The possibility of live music with bands , soloists, orchestras and shows is an original and fun.

 In the market there are different options concerning the music composition of your party: mariachi groups, trios, duets, bands, Minitecas but regardless of your choice, the party's success will lie in the coordination and appropriate musical selection.


Of vital importance is the music during the religious ceremony, because through it will print a distinctive touch of elegance and ritual. It is appropriate to consider the classical ceremony, as when running in living presence will be able to spread among your guests an atmosphere of subtlety, delicacy and refinement
have several options to choose music that will run during the religious ceremony, including the quartets, including instruments such as violins, flutes, cello and organ.
Normally, it is possible to add vocals to the instrumental quartets: with sopranos, baritones and tenors.
course, there are also choir groups that offer their services for such events .

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