A Bastille Day Party

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A Bastille Day Party

Jetting to Paris for the honeymoon?
Get in the mood early, enjoy French bliss at the wedding shower.
Pop real champagne, forget calories and think melt in the mouth pastries and the creamiest brie.

Get the Look
Going French at a bridal shower is the next best thing to getting on the Air France jet.
Luckily talented French style pastry chefs have opened p√Ętiss'eries far and wide so it’s one stop shopping for the most delightful nibbles.

Made in France
Search for inexpensive gifts that were Made in France, they are easy to find in cookware specialists, cosmetics stores and wine shops.

Faire un tabac
(be successful, go over well, be a hit)
Although those girls in Ab Fab knew a thing or two about delicious Bollinger, you don’t have to turn into Patsy to get into the mood; just a flute of pricey real French bubbles is worth every penny.
For the Parisian mood, invest in French music, the superstars like Edith Piaf, Charles Aznevour and Vanessa Paradis will set the scene. Run a Jacques Tati classic film on your plasma with the sound turned down as wallpaper.

Enjoy the Day - Eat Lean Tomorrow
Fromage is French for cheese and the French have cheese all sorted. A collection of delightful creaminess will be a treat to turn into a memory.

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•Go to a specialised cheese shop or deli, always buy from a round, not pre cut.

•Allow about 60g of cheese per guest.

•Offer contrasting tastes and textures, soft cheese, hard cheese and blue vein.

•Take the cheese out of the fridge a couple of hours before serving so that it’s at room temperature.

•Put a knife out for each cheese so the flavours don’t mix.

•Add nuts or fruit (fresh or dried) to complement the cheeses.

•Serve with a variety of breads and crackers.

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