Behind the Scenes

Earlier I blogged about our pretty Paper and Lace story. Well, behind every story there is a lot of planning, sourcing, shopping, packing, shipping and organising. When everyone is working hard it helps to have a team of fun people and we always seem to nail it. This shoot our photographer was Shona Henderson who is always smiling and ready for a laugh. She brought along her assistant Chris who couldn't have been more helpful. We shot the story at the stunning Glen Ewin Estate in SA – it's one of our favourite spots. We were lucky with the weather too as the day was perfect.

Emma humoured me and let me take her photo. Shona and Chris cooling themselves with paper fans from Prior Engagement that we used in the shoot.

Chris holding the scrim in place for Shona. Annabelle reviewing a photo that Shona has just taken.

Annabelle fitting a lace headpiece to our model Melina.

The geese that roam the property and one of the Lurchers that guard the house. I was too scared to get any closer to him so this photo was taken from a distance.

Here I am with Annabelle posing for Shona. It was next to impossible not to collapse in a heap laughing. I am so short I had to stand on a step next to Annabelle just to be at the same level!

It was a lot of fun, thoroughly exhausting, but a whole lot of fun. Thanks Shona and Aaron.

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