Beauty and the Bride

As we all know your wedding day is one of the biggest day of a womans life, with so much planning all going in to just one day the pressure is on to look good!

So here a few little beauty tips, to help you look and feel great on your special day.

With all the planning that is involved things can get hectic and stressful, one thing that can really suffer under those conditions is your skin. From your skin feeling tired and dull to even worse breakouts, but never fear ladies help is at hand. Treating yourself to a couple of facials before your big day will ensure that not only your skin will look good but will clear away any stress and give you a bit of time to relax.

One of my favourite facials which will guarantee a youthful, radiant glow is Guinot's Beaute Neuve.
It combines a double peeling action using AHAs and a unique vitamin C mask especially for that healthy glow. Guinot is a french skincare brand which is always at the forefront with the latest in technology and is widely used in Europe, it is slowly creeping in to Australia and we are more than happy to start using these fabulous products.

Schedule facials into your wedding plan!

We've got the skin covered now on to the make up!
Remember you are going to be the centre of attention and in lots of pictures so its important to make sure make up is well applied, will last all day and most of all suits you.
Most brides opt for the natural look, but this doesn't have to mean hardly any make up. It is very important to have a trial make up done before hand.

Have this done when your going to be out and about and having pictures taken, something like a birthday is an ideal event.
This is good as you want to get peoples reaction and not only that but seeing yourself in the pictures afterwards will give you a clear indication on whether you like it or not.
At least then if you feel there is to much or to little make up applied there is plenty of time to make changes.

A good make up artist can do up to 20+ weddings a year and are very experienced so you'll always be in safe hands!
Take pictures along of any make up that you have seen and liked to help give an idea when trialing a make up artist!

Then last but not least, the hands!
As you will be aware of, from being engaged, one of the first questions is ''Show me the ring?!'' and what is the ring attached to? One of your fingers!
So make sure that you have a manicure before the big day as you will have another ring and no doubt everyone will want to see that too!
If your nails are in a little bit of need, more than just a manicure, there is a wide range of nail enhancements around to polish up those nails and make them look great so there are no excuses.
Book yourself in today!
Ask your Beauty professional for help and advice!
Stephanie Powell
Senior Beauty Therapist

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