Stand Up or Sit Down Reception?

Bridal couples are looking for the best of both worlds!

We are a sociable bunch these days and the traditional sit down reception can restrict your friends really mingling and enjoying your wedding. Have you ever thought about having a caterer offer a roving entrée, seated main, followed by a roving dessert?

This idea could be perfect for food-loving couples who can’t make their mind up between a sit-down and cocktail-style reception. It is a great idea and could mean a lot more fun for your family and friends at your wedding.

The key to this experience for your guests would be the delivery of a variety of dishes to sample, as this can become a part of the fun. It can add to the social air as your guests discuss the delicious food they are being served. A roving selection of fine canapés and drinks gives you time to greet your guests and relax before being seated for the main course.

A new, modern way to approach your reception, capitalising on the social aspect of a cocktail style reception, with the traditional twist of a sit down main added in for good measure. A good caterer can deliver guests a larger array of food options with this style and your guests will love you for it.

But let’s face it at the end of a long day of socialising your guests will also be relieved to sit down, relax and tuck into a main meal. So what about a roving dessert? When the drinks are flowing and the guests are getting merry, nothing should stand in the way of the dance floor – not even the dessert!

Opting for a roving dessert during the most social time of the evening is the perfect way to get the party started. A selection of canapé style desserts will allow your guests to get up on the dance floor and back into the groove of the day.

Having a stand up and sit down reception could give you and your guests the best of both worlds.

You can read more about this option in an article from Forte Catering & Events, an award-winning, Sydney-based caterer, on our website.

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